Eyelash Extensions – Do’s and Don’ts

Once you’ve gotten eyelash extensions done, you might be super excited to have them and can’t wait to show them around. However, while your extensions are going to last a total of 6 to 8 weeks, it is a good idea to pay attention to their aftercare.

With the right after care, you can keep your lashes in great condition and prolong their life as much as possible. If you’re wondering how to go about the aftercare of your eyelash extensions, the following are a few simple do’s and don’ts for you.

Do’s of Eyelash Extension after Care

Keep them Moisturized – While you aren’t supposed to get your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours, after that, remember to moisturize them with the help of some baby oil. This helps keeps them soft and supple.

Brush them with a Spoolie – Eyelash extensions can get tangled up very easily but you can use a spoolie brush to untangle them and make them manageable. Be careful not to over brush since it may cause them to fall out earlier.
Sleep on Your Back – When you have eyelash extensions, you’ll have to be careful of your sleeping position. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible. Avoid sleeping in a position that pushes your eyelashes against the pillow.
Clean Them – Always keep your lashes clean to avoid getting eyelash infections. Use a diluted solution of baby shampoo to specially rinse out your eyelash extensions and keep them free of dirt, dust, grime and more.
Don’ts of Eyelash Extension after Care

No Water – When you’ve just gotten eyelash extensions done, your beautician will let you know that you shouldn’t get them wet for at least 24 hours. This is to allow the glue used to attach the lashes to dry firmly and without any problems. Once this time period is over, you can let them get wet without any worries.
Use Cotton Pads – Don’t use any cotton pads around or on your eyes when you have eyelash extensions. The fibers can get stuck in your extensions and you’ll spend more time trying to get all the lint out of your lashes.
Use Mascara or Eyeliner – Avoid mascara and eyeliner on your eye as these can stick to the synthetic material of the eyelash extension. If you must use mascara and eyeliner, opt for brands that make products for false lashes and use those.
Pull them Out – Eyelash extensions need to be filled in from time to time to keep them looking full and thick. However, when your lashes are falling out, don’t pull them out. Go to a trained professional and have them look at your lashes. Otherwise, you could end up ripping out your natural lashes and doing more harm.

These are some of the most common do’s and don’ts in the aftercare of eyelash extensions. Pay close attention to what your beautician has to say regarding this too. With the help of eyelash extensions in milton keynes, you can easily have thick full lashes for two months or more.

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