Before using our service most of clients usually have many questions for me. To help you decide if hair extensions are for you, I have put together the questions most asked.

Q: Can anyone have hair extensions?

Ans: Yes, as long as your hair can be put into a small ponytail. However, if the first 4 inches of your hair is damaged or you have a medical condition which causes your hair to fall out, we would be unable to apply any method of Hair Extensions.

Q: How long do hair extensions last?

Ans: Hair extensions should last 6 months plus (3 months for Keratin Pre-Bonded)if they are well looked after.

Q: Can I dye my hair extensions if I want to change my hair colour?

Ans: Yes, we only use 100% human hair. If you are looking to bleach your hair extensions be mindful that it can take differently to your natural hair. for this reason please ensure you carry out a strand test beforehand.

Q: How long will my hair be?

Ans: The standard length used is 16’’-22’’ as this usually suits most clients. Longer lengths are also available on request.

Q: Can my hair extensions be curled or straightened with heat appliances?

Ans: Yes, however you must ensure you use a good heat protector to protect the hair extensions. Just as your natural hair, hair extensions can also be damaged by heat. If you have the Keratin Pre bonded method applied please refrain from using any heat on the bonds as this could melt on to your hair.

Q: Will Hair Extensions cause damage to my hair?

Ans: When applying the individual hair extensions, we use the even size strands. this means that when applied the hair is evenly distributed and will not cause strain on your natural hair. You shouldn’t put too much weight on your natural hair.

Q: How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

Ans: Usually a full head of hair extensions can take around 2 hours and a half head of hair around 1-1.5 hours. This can vary depending on the thickness of your natural hair and also the method we decide to go ahead with.

Q: Do my hair extensions require special treatments?

Ans: No, we just encourage clients to use the correct products which are available at Lacy Locks.

Q: Can I go swimming wearing hair extensions?

Ans: Yes, we always advise clients to put conditioner on the hair before entering a swimming pool and wearing the hair on the top of your head. If however your Hair extensions are blonde it is best not to get your hair wet, as just like your natural hair bleach and chlorine don’t mix well together.

Q: What can't I do when I have hair extensions?

Ans: An aftercare sheet is emailed to you after your fitting with the after care instructions. You should never rub the towel into your scalp when drying your hair, only dab with the towel as this will prevent your hair from becoming knotty.

When you brush your hair, using the correct brush makes a huge difference.

Put hair in a loose plait when sleeping as this will also keep your hair knot free.

Hair dryers and heated appliances should be used as little as possible as this will prevent the hair from drying out.

Q: Can people tell I have had hair extensions?

Ans: No, if done correctly the strands should sit under your hair and not too close to the hairline.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

Ans: Yes, a non refundable deposit of £100 is taken should you decide to book in. This is then taken off the total cost on the day of your fitting.

Q: When can I have my extensions fitted?

Ans: Unless there is a cancellation we work on a 2 week notice period. Please book appointments in advance to avoid disappointment.