How to Pamper Your Hair When You Have Extensions

When you have hair extensions, it is a good idea not to forget about your real underneath but it is often easy to overlook it. For this reason, many people claim that hair extensions can be very bad for your hair. On the other hand, if you are careful, not only can you keep your hair extensions in good condition, you can also ensure that your natural hair stays healthy and continues to grow too.

The following are a few ways that you can pamper your hair when you have hair extensions

Massage Scalp

Unless you have semi-permanent hair extensions, you shouldn’t leave your hair extensions in since they can put strain on your scalp and cause your hair to fall out. If you do have semi-permanent hair extensions, opt to massage your scalp from time to time to improve circulation.

This ensures that your scalp stays healthy; your hair doesn’t fall out excessively and doesn’t suffer from the hair extensions. However, if your scalp is feeling particularly tender even after two or three days of getting the extensions in, they might be too tight and you should head to your beautician for correction.

Remember to Moisturize

Moisturizing your hair and your scalp is necessary, even without extensions but once you get them, your scalp and hair will require some extra care. However, many hair extensions are affixed to hair in such a manner that oil can dissolve or disrupt the bond. For this reason, you should opt for moisturizing products that are specifically designed for extensions.

These products allow you to keep your scalp healthy and don’t negatively impact extensions either. While hair products for use with extensions were a rarity, they are more common now as hair extensions have become more popular so you can easily get the best ones.

Don’t Skip On Washing

While skipping hair washing is recommended when you have just gotten hair extensions but don’t skip it completely. The first day or two is just to ensure that the bonding process is not disrupted in any way. Moreover, there will be more buildup in your scalp too because of the hair extensions. After that, you can easily shower with your hair extensions if they are semi-permanent.

It is also recommended that just like hair oils, you pick a shampoo and conditioner that are compatible with hair extensions. Chemicals in shampoos such as SLS can wreak havoc on the binding process used for hair extensions and cause them to fall out earlier or ruin them completely.

Gentle Drying

Once you have washed your hair, be gentle in drying. Not only is this better for the hair extensions, it is better for your natural hair too. Hair tends to be more likely to break and the extensions can cause them to snag, tear and tangle more easily.

It is recommended that you gently squeeze out excess water and let your hair air dry. While you can blow dry your hair too, it should only be done when at least 70% of your hair has air dried. Also, make sure that the blow dryer is at the lowest setting since too much heat is damaging for your hair and your extensions.

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