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Welcome to Lacy Locks

Hair Extension Salon

Not only does our hair extension salon in Luton offer fitting appointments, but also ongoing maintenance to keep your locks in immaculate condition.

Mesh Integration

Lacy Locks recognises that experiencing hair loss or thinning can cause a huge impact on confidence, which is why we specialise in mesh integration in Luton.

Customer Testimonial

"You’re a true artist in your commitment to meet each client’s needs, seeing as most hairstylists don’t! My extensions are amazing. They look so natural and no one can tell I have them in. If I’m honest, you exceeded my expectations. The prices seemed too good to be true, but now I’ve had them there’s no doubt I will be a regular customer. Not many hairstylists listen to customer needs and the way you stay in touch after is phenomenal. I give you permission to give your clients my number so I can tell them how amazing you are. They have done a lot for my self-esteem, with the compliments I have received. I can’t thank you enough. You should put your prices up. The service, however, is priceless!"


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