Bespoke Nano Ring Extensions

Being almost 90% smaller than micro rings, the nano rings used to fit hair extensions are roughly the size of the nib on a ballpoint pen, making them perfect for those wanting to add length and volume to thinner hair. Advanced tools are used to carefully slip the ring onto the natural hair before inserting the nano ring extension strand. The ring is then clamped down securely and laid flat against your hair, using no glue, heat or braiding. When fitting nano ring extensions, they are placed slightly higher towards the scalp, making them virtually undetectable on all hair types. Due to the nature of the nano rings, it is considerably easier to achieve complete precision to maximise results.

Along with using no harmful techniques, the nano rings used are designed with silicone inside lining, which further protects the hair against damage. It means that with regular maintenance appointments and through using the products recommended by your Lacy Locks technician, your natural hair can continue to grow in a healthy condition underneath your extensions.

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Customer Testimonial

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you again for my hair extensions. They literally look AMAZING and are so natural! Thanks so much again!"