Transform Your Locks With Tape Extensions

As one of the latest trends in the world of extensions, tape in hair extensions couldn’t be easier to apply and maintain. During the fitting process, thin tape wefts are placed directly to the root of the hair between small sections using a “sandwich-like” technique. All wefts are colour matched to your natural hair to ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly into your locks, making the tape almost invisible. The tape itself is designed with a super flexible material, meaning that you are free to wash, brush and style your hair with ease. There will be no need to try to disguise bonds, braids or rings when attempting up-do’s as they will sit flat against your scalp.

Due to the nature of the wefts used, tape hair extensions are perfect for all hair types, even those who aim to add length and volume to fairer locks. Their lightweight properties mean that they remain one of the least damaging hair extension methods available and will not pull on the follicles. The weft tapes will continue to grow out alongside your natural hair, before being repositioned to maintain results.

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Customer Testimonial

"I’ve had my extensions in for over 3 months now and haven’t even considered getting rid of them. I love them! Had a maintenance appointment as well after 6 weeks. Everyone comments on how realistic they look! Definitely worth the money and time. Amazing service, would 110% recommend Lacy Locks to a friend. Thanks so much."