Pre-Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions

Similar to fusion bonding, pre-bonded hair extensions are designed with tipped keratin bonds, which are meticulously attached to small strands of natural hair. They are then secured to the hair using an advanced heat connector, which seals the keratin bond to the root. Keratin is a natural protein, which unlike silicon glues which were used in the past, are completely safe to use on the hair and will cause absolutely no damage. They are also super easy to remove, restoring your natural hair in as little as an hour.

Due to the nature of pre-bonded hair extensions, they remain one of the most secure options for those hoping to enhance the length and volume of their locks. Pre-bonded extensions are ideal if you have a busy schedule as they are less likely to slip and require little maintenance. They are fitted, and colour matched to blend perfectly with your natural hair, meaning that they will remain undetectable, even when you quickly pop your hair into a topknot!

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"Hey Ambarin. Just wanted to say thanks so much for my new hair. I feel like a new person. Love it love it love it!"