Colour-Matched Hair Extensions For Crown Area

There are a number of different reasons as to why you may notice hair loss only on the crown, and it is, in fact, far more common than you may think. However, this most definitely doesn’t mean that you have to live with it, nor should it affect your confidence. Our custom-fitted hair extensions for the crown area are made using 100% human hair and are secured using discrete micro links. Together with the parting of your choice, these make the crown volumiser almost undetectable, and unless it were someone you knew before, no one would ever be able to notice that you have a hairpiece fitted.

Fitting Your Hair Extensions For A Balding Crown

Our award-winning team have many years of experience in the industry, which means that they are experts in hair transformations. If you choose to book in for our hair extensions for a balding crown, then this can be fitted alongside the LA weave, micro rings, tapes or any other extension type we specialise in. The surrounding areas of your hair, which are growing healthily with active follicles will be used to add length using your chosen extension type; then the crown will be complete with a volumiser. The exact same extension wefts will be used for both, just fitted using different methods before being seamlessly blended together.

Once your extensions have been fitted, we will schedule you in for regular maintenance appointments every four to six weeks. These maintenance appointments are designed to keep both your extensions and natural hair in immaculate condition while also ensuring that your volumiser remains secure. Bonds on hair that is actively growing will be repositioned at the root, and your specialist will check that there is no movement in the volumiser.

More Information On Our Hair Extensions For A Thinning Crown

Ensuring that you find a hair loss solution that works perfectly for you is essential, which is why we are always more than happy to book you in for a consultation to talk through options. If you are already in the process of having a hair loss treatment, we are still able to fit a crown volumiser, but we will need approval from your medical practitioner. For more information on our hair extensions for a thinning crown, take a look at our frequently asked questions below:

Customer Testimonial

"I’ve suffered from hair loss for many years, but as I have become older, it slowly started to become worse, and it became near impossible to get the hair to grow back. A friend of mine went to Lacy Locks for nano rings and after complimenting how amazing her hair looks, she told me about the fabulous extensions they offer for people with hair loss, so I booked a consultation straight away. From the get-go, Ambarin was so lovely and spent so much time chatting with me to understand what I wanted then said that a crown volumiser with micro ring hair extensions would be the best option. I went ahead and the results are absolutely unbelievable, I didn’t even recognise myself when she’d finished. Thank you for being so kind, friendly and helping me to get my confidence back!"