Transform Your Hair With Micro Ring Extensions

The process of fitting micro ring extensions couldn’t be more straightforward, and Lacy Locks has perfected methods to guarantee natural results. Using small copper rings, equipped with a silicone lining to protect the natural hair, colour-matched extensions are clamped to strands. This allows the extensions to lay flat to the scalp, making them virtually undetectable and gentle on the hair. Similarly to many other hair extension types available at Lacy Locks, no glue, heat, sewing or braiding is involved, again, keeping your natural locks in immaculate condition.

Micro ring hair extensions are best suited to those with medium to thick hair in a darker colour. Due to the nature of the micro rings, they can prove trickier to camouflage in fine, light hair, meaning that they may be slightly visible. There is also the risk of the rings sliding down thinner, finer hair. However, Lacy Locks will always encourage clients to take advantage of their free consultation to discuss these types of issues and determine the most effective route to achieve natural results.

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Customer Testimonial

"Thank You for doing my hair! I walked out of Lacy Locks feeling and looking more confident than I have been for a long time. You saved me thousands with other high street salons what I was visiting. I am glad I found you. Thanks again!"