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Hair Extension Salon

Having spent many years perfecting their technique, our extension specialists have won awards for their attention to detail and beautifully natural results. Our hair extension salon in Shefford has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere where our clients can relax, unwind and thoroughly enjoy their experience. With this in mind, take a look at the different hair extensions in Shefford available at our salon.

Hair Salon

From completely transforming your locks with a colour refresh to your routine cut and blow-dry, our hair salon in Shefford covers all of your hair needs. Accredited by Habia, BABTAC and ABT, just to name a few, our salon is committed to high standards while also ensuring that our clients leave feeling pampered and looking fabulous. When visiting our hair salon in Shefford, there will also be a range of leading hair products available to purchase, ideal for keeping your locks in perfect condition between appointments


At Lacy Locks, we love to get to know every client on a personal level, with many becoming long-term friends! So, if you’re looking for a hairdresser in Shefford you can build a relationship with, our salon is the place to be.

Our hairdressers are passionate about maintaining their mastery approach to every hair transformation. To achieve this, you will always be booked in for an initial consultation, which will give your hairdresser the chance to understand the look you have in mind. From here, they’ll then recommend the tone, style and length that they feel would best suit your style. Feel free to bring photos of the ideas you have in mind to show your hairdresser, and you can work together to create the perfect look to complement your features.

Blow Dry Bar

Whether you’re heading off to a celebration or simply want to book in for a little TLC, our blow dry bar in Shefford is the perfect treat! During your visit, your stylist will give you top tips on how to prolong your beautifully smooth locks for as long as possible. You could opt for big, bouncy curls or a sleek, straight look, ensuring that you leave our salon looking and feeling your best!

Along with one-off occasions, it is also possible to combine your blow dry appointment with your cut, colouring or hair extension fitting session for the ultimate transformation!

Hair Loss Solutions

Experiencing hair loss and thinning is never pleasant, but this needn’t impact your confidence. Our bespoke hair loss solutions in Shefford are designed to replicate your natural hair while also feeling super comfortable, allowing you to wash, dry and style your hairpiece just as you would your natural locks. We specialise in two different hair loss solutions in Shefford; these are the following:

Mesh Integration

For our clients with hair loss over a larger area of the scalp, we would recommend our mesh integration in Shefford. This custom hairpiece is made from a breathable mesh netting material, which is fitted to the head without putting any tension on your natural hair, allowing it to grow freely underneath. Hair extensions are then secured to the mesh in a shade that has been colour matched to you.

Our mesh integration in Shefford is always made exclusively for each client, meaning that no two systems are the same. They are not visible to the naked eye and only require maintenance appointments now and again to reposition the system.

Crown Volumiser

In some cases, hair loss may only occur around the frontal area, and in this instance, our crown volumiser in Shefford would be the best-suited option. Much like our mesh integration, our crown volumiser is designed bespoke to ensure that the extension shade, parting and length all match seamlessly with your natural hair. This means that unless you mention that you have the crown volumiser fitted, no one would be able to detect that it is not your own hair.

If you would like more information on our crown volumiser in Shefford, please do not hesitate to get in touch to book a consultation and discuss your system further.

Customer Testimonial

"Absolutely love visiting Lacy Locks! I live in Shefford but honestly would not go anywhere else, it’s so worth the extra little while in the car. The girls are really lovely, passionate about their job and are just so talented at what they do!"

Joanna Woodard


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