The Most Undetectable Extension Type

With the ability to be applied to the roots in a matter of seconds, invisi-tape hair extensions provide a quick solution to maximising length and volume, while blending seamlessly into the natural hair. The extensions themselves are equipped with a virtually transparent tape, which mimics the appearance of the scalp and is fitted directly to the root. Due to the nature of the tape used, it creates the illusion that the extensions are growing out from the top, making the invisi-tape technique the most undetectable extension type. This allows you to style your hair as you wish without any need to spend time tediously camouflaging visible bonds.

The beauty of invisi-tape hair extensions is that they grow down alongside your natural locks, meaning that there will be no damage to the follicles. It is recommended to schedule a maintenance appointment every six to eight weeks, allowing the invisi-tape to be repositioned against the roots to ensure that your results remain discrete.

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