Our Client’s Story

Our lovely client booked an appointment with Lacy Locks because she was experiencing thinning hair on top. She had always had fine hair, but it seemed to become worse during pregnancy. We recommended our fantastic mesh integration in Milton Keynes to make her hair fuller and thicker.

To be able to have the mesh integration system fitted, our client needed to have at least 30% healthy growth across the head. If the client’s hair is still growing, this system allows the continuation of hair growth underneath the system, so eventually, they may not require one. Luckily, our client fitted this requirement so she could go ahead and schedule her hair transformation.

How We Transformed Our Client’s Hair

The mesh integration system can be custom fitted for any required area of coverage on the head where there is noticeable hair loss. It is built up as one complete system on the client’s scalp using a fine mesh membrane, which still enables the scalp to breathe, and for your natural hair to grow.

This system can be permanently fitted with maintenance every 4-6 weeks following the correct aftercare. Once fitted, it gives the illusion of a full head of hair. The hair can be worn up or can be parted anywhere on the top piece, providing the flexibility of different hairstyles on a daily basis.

The hair loss mesh integration system is more expensive and time-consuming than the other methods of hair extensions; however, it is more suitable for a much wider range of clients with more complex requirements. These systems are ideal for women with thinning hair on top over a wide area, alopecia or shorter hair all over the head. You can have this system fitted with up to 70% hair loss. It is also suitable if your hair has been damaged by bleach and is short on top, or for clients with hair that is too weak for normal hair extensions. If you are still losing hair; however, no system will be recommended as there is a risk that this will cause unnecessary tension and increased hair loss.

Our client had her mesh integration fitted to the top of her head with colour-matched extensions for a natural finish. As you can see from the before and after photos, the difference is unbelievable, and she can now enjoy a full head of hair. She has already had her maintenance appointment, and her natural hair is growing beautifully underneath!

Images From This Transformation

Customer Testimonial

"I want to thank the Lacy Locks team for completely transforming my hair. I now have a full head of hair, which is just unbelievable to me. They have completely changed my confidence, and after one maintenance appointment, my natural hair is growing underneath. I could not recommend Lacy Locks enough as they have transformed my hair completely."