Our Client’s Story

Our beautiful client came to Lacy Locks wanting to have longer, thicker hair. She had tried the micro ring method in the past and had these type of extensions fitted for quite some years before deciding to try our LA Weave in Milton Keynes.

How We Transformed Our Client’s Hair

To fit the LA Weave, the first step is to use a pintail comb to ensure that there is a nice straight, neat line where we will be applying the first row of the weave. We will also make sure that there are no short hairs in the way. If there are any, they are likely to get caught when the weave is applied, which can cause the client some discomfort.

We then take small sections and apply the silicone lined micro rings, which will hold the weave securely in place. This method is indeed very similar to the traditional way of weaving, where your hair is first plated, and then the weave is sewn on. However, we believe that the LA Weave is far kinder and safer on the natural hair.

Once the rings are applied, we take our weft and cut to measure the row we will be sewing. From here, we use a hair thread to sew the weft along the track that we have created using the micro rings. This method sits very flat against your head, meaning that you can still wear your hair up without it being visible. The LA Weave is perfect for clients looking to have big, bouncy hair!

The LA Weave Transformation Process

Client Testimonial

"I am absolutely obsessed with my LA Weave, the results are amazing! After having micro rings for so long I wanted to try something a little different and I am SO happy that I did. The weave looks so natural and feels really comfortable, I wish that I went for this method sooner. Thank you so much Lacy Locks, you are the best! "