Our Client’s Story

Our client first came to us in 2019, wanting thicker, longer hair, and as you can see from the progress photos below, her hair has drastically changed over the course of 2 years!

How We Transformed Our Client’s Hair

Our mission is not just to give you beautiful hair but also to ensure your natural hair continues to grow healthily underneath. When you have your hair fitted by us, we go through all the aftercare of how to take care of not just your hair extensions but also your natural hair underneath.

The aftercare advice ranges from the way we wash our hair to how we wear our hair when we finally put our heads to rest at night. You can find some information on aftercare advice on our blog page, which includes tones useful articles on keeping your locks looking lush.

Our client’s hair has gone from strength to strength. We first started with Micro Ring Hair Extensions and then changed to the LA Weave. I am pleased to say our client now no longer requires a full head of hair extensions. We will now only be adding eight strands of nano ring hair extensions to even out the hair. As we all know, the sides always take longer to grow due to the fact that this is where we are always styling our hair!

Take a look at how much our client’s hair has changed from 2019 to now, it really will amaze you! If you are interested in having hair extensions in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, then please do not hesitate to give our team a call.

The Transformation Process

Client Testimonial

"From the first appointment, I was made to feel really comfortable, and they took me through the range of hair extension methods and which one would be best for my hair. I loved having the extensions because they made me feel confident, and I am over the moon at how amazing my natural how now looks, all thanks to their help. I honestly cannot recommend Lacy Locks, they have transformed my hair when I thought it would be impossible!"