Our Client’s Story

Our client had arrived at our salon with thick hair that had become damaged over time, causing it to look frizzy and brittle. However, with a little colour, cut and blowdry, our client’s hair looks absolutely gorgeous.

How We Transformed Our Client’s Hair

As a natural brunette, the client wanted to emphasise her natural tones while adding some definition and texture to her hair. With this in mind, our hairdressers in Milton Keynes worked with the client to discuss multiple options and decided that slightly lightening the hair would bring some brightness to her style, ready for the summer. As the client was dying her hair, we recommended that she used the reputable Olaplex in the hair colour to prevent damage. When using Olaplex, we always recommend also using the other Olaplex products in between dyes to keep the hair in good condition.

The beautifully long locks of our client meant that the hair became heavy, so with the combination of length and thickness, it was highly recommended that layers were added. After dying the hair, layers were added to provide texture and allowing her naturally curly hair to bounce. To bring the colours to life, the client’s hair was then given a fabulously bouncy blowdry!

If you have a hair goal you wish to accomplish, but you’re worried about damaging your hair, why not pop into our hair salon in Milton Keynes to speak with one of our hairdressers? We can give you some advice on the best hair colours and styles, and will help you to achieve your dream hair.

Before & After Photos

Client Testimonial

"My hair was an absolute mess when I turned up, and I could not have imagined walking out with the hair that I did. It looks AMAZING! I love it so much and can honestly not thank you girlies enough!"