Our Client’s Story

This is such an amazing transformation, and we cannot believe how fresh and bright our client’s hair looked by the time she left our hair salon in Milton Keynes!

Our beautiful client has a three-quarter head of nano ring hair extensions, which were originally fitted in a platinum shade. She had applied a fun colour to her hair and extensions, which, as you can see from the photo, washed out into a green colour. The goal was to restore our client’s hair back to her icy platinum shade while keeping her locks in top condition.

How We Transformed Our Client’s Hair

Our client was due to have her extension maintenance appointment, but as she also needed colour correction, she was booked in for a consultation with our reputable hairdresser in Milton Keynes.

During consultations for a colouring appointment, we always recommend a strand test if the colour has been used on the hair. This ensures that our clients can achieve the shade they desire rather than being disappointed with the outcome if their hair did not take well to the new colour. Luckily, the strand test went well, so our hairdresser was able to carry out the colour correction after our clients extension maintenance appointment.

To ensure maximum protection of our client’s hair, we also opted for using Olaplex products, along with a L’Oreal toner to achieve these stunning platinum results.

Before & After Photos

Client Testimonial

"I’ve always loved having my hair done at Lacy Locks and was so happy when they were able to correct the colour during my maintenance appointment. I honestly feel like a new person, the colour is just amazing and as always, my hair is feeling super soft and healthy. Look forward to seeing you girls soon!"