Our Client’s Story

Our fabulous client booked a consultation with Lacy Locks to discuss our options available for those with alopecia. Her main area of hair loss was on the crown and around the front, which make it impossible to cover. Focusing mainly on the crown area, we chose our bespoke mesh integration system, which is not only a safe method but would also be super comfortable for our client.

How We Transformed Our Client’s Hair

All of our mesh integration systems are completely customised to our clients, ensuring natural results that blend seamlessly into their locks. To ensure the perfect fit, before her fitting appointment, we measured our lovely client for her system and colour matched extensions to her natural shade. This makes the mesh system virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

On the day of the fitting appointment, we carefully attached the mesh onto our client’s scalp and blended the extensions into her natural hair. The hair was then cut and shaped into her preferred style by our talented Lacy Locks hairdresser.

As you can see from the before and after photos below, the mesh integration system has made an enormous difference and looks just as if it was our client’s natural locks. We were so pleased to receive such amazing feedback and look forward to many more hair transformations through our mesh integration in Milton Keynes!

Before & After Photos

Client Testimonial

"Honestly can’t thank you enough! It’s amazing!!! Going to make such a huge difference to my day to day life! It looks great and feels so much lighter than I thought it would be♥️"