Hair Extension Training

Whether you wish to follow your passion and begin a journey within the hair extensions industry, or are looking to provide your clients with additional professional services, Lacy Locks has designed the perfect hair extension training course for those of all skill levels. Lacy Locks has partnered with Regal Envy to offer an in-depth training course to teach valuable skills and techniques, taught by award-winning professionals.

Students can choose between a fully certified package or an individual course package depending on the level of experience and what you wish to get out of your training. Training is carried out on a one-to-one basis, and students will be asked to complete an examination at the end of their course before gaining their certification. Throughout the training, students have the opportunity to speak and connect with leading hair extensionists, who are more than happy to discuss techniques and share business advice.

Included In Your Hair Extensions Certification

For a business to be successful, it requires ongoing professional support and advice, and that’s why, when completing your hair extensions certification with Lacy Locks, you will be provided with the materials to help you grow your business. On completion of your certification, you will be able to take full advantage of the following through Regal Envy:

  • Marketing materials
  • Business advice
  • Becoming a stockist
  • Be the first to try out the latest Regal Envy products
  • Exclusive discounts

Our Hair Extension Courses

Depending on whether you already have experience in hair extensions and are looking to learn a new technique, or have no prior experience in the hair extension industry, there are various courses available. You can choose to enrol in a fully certified package that allows you to take all courses available at a discounted price, or you can take each course individually. The courses available in these packages include:

Tape Hair Extensions Course

The tape hair extensions course is perfect for beginners, as it provides you with the techniques and methods often used for other hair extension types. It is also one of the easiest hair extension styles to learn, making it the perfect starting point on your learning journey.

LA Weave Course

A classic hair extensions type that is perfect for a start-up business as it is suitable for most hair types, ensuring you have no limits and can cater to all client requirements. The LA Weave course teaches you a method unique to others due to its no glue, heat, bond or braid technique.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Course

If you are looking for a technique that can open the door to easy learning for other hair extension methods, then the nano ring hair extensions course is perfect for you. During the course, you will learn how to master the art of undetectable and natural extension application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Testimonial

"When I was training at Regal Envy through Lacy Locks, the team were so lovely to me, and they were really good at letting me learn things at my own speed. They taught me everything slowly and in detail, and I would not have been able to succeed without their support! I cannot thank them enough!"

Lucy Holland