As reputable industry specialists winning countless awards, Lacy Locks is dedicated to providing tailored services to every client. Having fitted hair extensions, along with eyelash extensions for many years, we felt it was time to modernise our website to reflect our mastery approach towards extensions. Here, clients can browse through our selection of perfected services, along with testimonials, gallery photos and expert advice through our blog.

Enhancing The Way You Look And Feel

Here at Lacy Locks, we believe that clients should leave every appointment no less than in love with their results; whether this may be a hair extension booking, infills or maintenance sessions. With this in mind, all services are tailored to the client, taking into consideration their natural assets, lifestyle and desired final look. We offer all clients an initial, free consultation, in which the above can be discussed to determine the ideal solution to fit with requirements and maximise results. When booking with Lacy Locks, clients can be assured that only safety-approved products are used and fitted using the most effective techniques.

Hair Extension Specialists

Lacy Locks is committed to not only transforming your locks through extensions, but also ensuring that your natural hair continues to grow healthily underneath. During your free consultation, your experienced technician will recommend the ideal extensions for your hair type so that you can enjoy added length and volume, without damaging your natural locks. The hair extension types available include:

  • LA Weave Hair Extensions – Using a similar approach to a traditional weave, yet without the braiding, during an LA Weave, weft hair extensions are sewn into sections of the hair and secured with a row of micro rings.
  • Micro Ring Hair Extensions – When fitting micro ring hair extensions, strands of extensions are secured to the natural hair using small copper rings which are clamped into place. These are ideal for those with thicker, darker natural hair.
  • Nano Ring Hair Extensions – Nano rings are almost 90% smaller than micro rings and are slipped onto the natural hair before inserting a strand of extensions. The ring is, again, clamped down onto the hair and lays flat against the scalp.
  • Pre Bonded Hair Extensions – Designed with a tipped keratin bond, pre bonded extensions are attached to small strands of natural hair. A heat connector is then used to seal the keratin bond to the root, keeping it securely in place.
  • Micro Ring Weft Extensions – As a shorter-term approach to the LA Weave, micro ring weft extensions are attached to the scalp using micro rings. Small sections of both natural hair and weft are pulled through the rings and then clamped in place.

We recognise that, when considering hair extensions, there are several factors to keep in mind, such as the quality of the extensions, the results you want to achieve and of course, the price. To ensure that all clients can enjoy their extensions without any barriers, we offer a variety of 0% finance options. This enables clients to spread the cost of their extensions over several months through a bespoke plan.

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Hollywood & Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Along with hair extensions, Lacy Locks also specialise in both Hollywood and Russian Volume eyelash extensions. As the perfect alternative to mascara and strip lashes, eyelash extensions allow you to tailor the length, thickness and curl intensity to suit your style. Extensions are individually placed onto the lash line, ensuring that they follow your natural lash curl and pattern. Infill appointments are available every two to three weeks to maintain the look of your lashes and keep them looking fresh.

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If you’re interested in hair extensions or eyelash extensions with Lacy Locks, then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist technicians! A free, no-obligation quote is available to all clients, along with a free consultation!