Hair extensions are an excellent way to achieve a fuller look to your hair or create the luscious long locks of your dreams without waiting many years to grow out your hair. If you are new to hair extensions, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of extension types available. You may also be wondering: how long do hair extensions last? – and is there anything you can do to make them last longer? If hair extensions are not correctly maintained and replaced, damage to your natural locks can occur. This article will guide you in keeping your hair extensions in excellent condition for longer via pre-fitting measures and proper maintenance. Read on to discover how to get the most out of your hair extensions.

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    How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? Our Top Tips to Make Hair Extensions Last longer

    With years of experience, the Lacy Locks team have the capabilities to advise you on how long your hair extensions will last and how you can maximise their lifespan. There are several types of hair extensions to choose from to suit your specific hair desires and requirements. The award-winning professionals at Lacy Locks offer the fitting and maintenance of pre-bonded, tape-in, LA weave, nano and micro ring hair extensions in Milton Keynes. This article will advise you on how to make your hair extensions last longer through pre-fitting measures and proper maintenance. If applied correctly and taken care of, your hair extensions can offer you lustrous locks for nine whole months without damaging your natural hair!

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    Choosing Your Extensions

    There are several different types of hair extensions with varying methods of bonding to your natural hair. When wondering how to make hair extensions last longer, you should consider the kind of hair extension. The different types of bonding used in the various methods will impact your natural hair to varying degrees and have different longevities. According to the Lacy Locks team, the types of hair extensions with the best longevity are the LA weave, micro ring and nano ring. Here is how long you can expect each kind to last with proper maintenance.

    LA Weave

    The LA Weave is one of the most long-lasting and gentlest hair extension options, with a recommended period of 6-10 weeks between maintenance sessions. With proper fitting and care, this style of hair extension should last between six and nine months. Inspired by the traditional weave, the LA weave involves weft extensions being sewn into the hair and secured by micro rings. This method minimises damage to non-kinky hair, which can be harmed by the tight braids of a traditional weave. This process involves no glue, heat, or chemicals, all of which can cause damage to natural hair. Moreover, the weft extension wraps around the diameter of your scalp, spreading out the weight and minimising the tension on the hair follicles, allowing this style of extension to be worn for longer without risking damage to your natural hair.

    Micro Ring

    Micro ring hair extensions involve no heat, glue or chemicals, preserving the health of your natural hair. When fitted and cared for properly, this type of extension should last for a whole nine months! In this method, extensions are secured to the natural hair close to the scalp by small, silicone-lined copper rings. This option is perfect for an incognito length and or volume boost whilst preserving the condition of your natural locks. Our award-winning stylists offering micro ring hair extensions in Milton Keynes recommend waiting 6-8 weeks between maintenance appointments.

    Nano Ring

    Nano ring hair extensions are much like micro ring extensions, except the copper rings used to secure the extensions are much smaller, producing an even more discrete look. Your nano ring extensions should last nine months if correctly fitted and maintained. As award-winning hair technicians offering nano ring hair extensions in Milton Keynes, the Lacy Locks team recommend that you attend maintenance appointments every 10-12 weeks to keep your nano ring extensions in immaculate condition.fitting extensions

    Preparing for Your Fitting

    There are a few things you can do before your hair extension fitting appointment to maximise the longevity of your extensions, including selecting a reputable salon and prepping your hair correctly. These are the Lacy Locks team’s best tips on how to make hair extensions last longer before you even get them!

    Choosing Your Salon

    It is essential that the person fitting your extensions is experienced and competent for the best-looking, most long-lasting results. Incorrect fitting can lead to rough-looking locks that don’t last, damage to your natural hair and even hair loss, all of which can be avoided entirely with the proper processes.

    To ensure that your hair is in good hands, we recommend researching your chosen salon before booking in with them. Many reputable salons offer a low-priced consultation prior to booking, so take advantage of this if possible. The best stylists will be able to answer all of your questions about hair extensions and their professional experience. For more information on choosing a salon, check out this article by Vixen and Blush.

    Proper maintenance is no good if your hair extensions are of poor quality or badly fitted. This is why it’s so important to book in with a salon you can trust. If you are looking for high-quality hair extensions in Milton Keynes, feel free to get in contact with the Lacy Locks team.

    Wash Your Hair

    Earlier on the same day as your fitting, we recommend washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any oil build-up, as this will allow the extension to grip your natural hair better and stay in place longer. However, avoid using any other hair products, including conditioner, which will reduce the grip of the extension on your hair.woman in shower

    Maintaining Your Extensions

    Regardless of how well your extensions are fitted, if you are looking into how you can make your hair extensions last longer, please note that maintaining them properly is essential. This involves taking care of them whilst they are in your hair, as well as going for regular maintenance appointments. If this isn’t done, your hair can become tangled, strained, and matted at the roots, which can cause difficult extension removal and damage to your natural hair, not to mention that it will look terrible!

    Brushing and Detangling

    It is essential to detangle your hair regularly in order to maintain your luscious locks. We suggest taking a few minutes each day to gently separate your extensions at the scalp with your fingers – this will help you avoid matting and tangling at the roots. When brushing the lengths of your hair, start at the bottom and gradually move your way up, taking care not to tug so that you minimise the tension on the hair follicles. Visit this article by Hair Extensions BFF for more information on brushing hair extensions.


    We recommend washing your hair and extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo, taking care to be gentle, especially near the scalp, to avoid placing strain on the hair follicles. Conditioner should be applied only to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the rings bonding your hair to the extensions. This is important to minimise the chances of the rings slipping prematurely. Our technicians fitting hair extensions in Milton Keynes can recommend the best products for the maintenance of your extensions during your appointment.

    Maintenance Appointments

    Extensions are individually removed and refitted in maintenance appointments, and the micro/nano rings are replaced. These appointments are essential for several reasons. Since your natural locks are bonded to the hair extensions and will continue to grow, the distance between the bonds and your scalp will increase over time. This increases the chances of tangling and matting at the roots. Moreover, your hair will continue to shed naturally while your extensions are in, reducing the number of strands within each ring that are actually attached to the scalp and increasing tension on the hair follicles. Regular refittings will help you avoid these issues and maximise the longevity of your hair extensions.healthy brown hair

    How to Make Hair Extensions Last Longer

    We hope that this article has informed you of how long you can expect your hair extensions to last and empowered you to take the measures to ensure that you get the most out of them. Remember that with the right care and maintenance, your new luscious locks should stay looking sleek for months – so long as they are fitted correctly by an experienced technician. At Lacy Locks, we pride ourselves on our high quality, long-lasting hair extension services, for which we have received several awards, including the 2021 Leading Hair Extension Technicians Award. If you are interested in getting hair extensions in Milton Keynes, please feel free to get in touch with our skilled technicians. For more information about the different types of hair extensions, check out our previous article.

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