Anyone with naturally thin hair will understand the struggle of trying to recreate big and bouncy curls, a messy bun or a high pony and wondering, “if only I had more hair!”. There are a whole host of beautiful styles that seem ever so far away – but this definitely doesn’t have to be the case! We specialise in the best extensions for thin hair, along with custom-made solutions for those suffering from significant hair loss.

Best Extensions For Thin Hair: A Complete Guide

One of the biggest myths with regard to hair extensions is that only those with thick hair can have them fitted when, in fact, there is a solution for every hair type. To give you an insight into the host of possibilities to achieve thick, luscious locks, we’re going to run through detailed answers to the following questions, including the best hair extensions for thin hair to achieve those bouncy curls and messy buns:

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    Why Is My Hair Thinning?

    According to the NHS, we naturally shed up to 100 hairs a day, and while this may seem a lot, it’s unlikely that you would even notice a difference. Although losing the odd hair is nothing to worry about, if this becomes excessive, it can begin to impact confidence and cause a lack of self-esteem.

    Depending on the cause of the hair thinning, many may only see a temporary issue, and then the problem will resolve with time. However, when hair loss becomes long-term, you may consider trailing medication or treatments to encourage hair regrowth.

    There are a whole host of causes of hair thinning, and much like any other condition, it can be inevitable. For instance, many men experience male pattern baldness, which occurs with age as their hormone levels begin to change. This is often heredity, which means that the cause of hair loss is simply genes, most commonly passed down from their mother’s father.

    While male pattern baldness is the most common example of heredity hair thinning, women can also suffer from the same condition, otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia. Unlike men, female pattern baldness does not cause the hair to fall out from the hairline but instead at their parting before reaching the remainder of the scalp. A full guide on androgenetic alopecia, how it causes hair loss in women, and how it can be diagnosed can be found on Healthline.

    In other instances, individuals may suffer from reactive hair thinning, which means that it results from a trigger. The most common triggers for thinning hair in women include the following:

    • Stress – You would be surprised how much stress can have an impact on the body, and this is no different when it comes to your hair. Those under ongoing emotional stress or experiencing anxiety can cause hair to fall out down to the change in hormones.
    • Deficiencies – It is thought that iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women as the decreased iron makes it trickier for oxygen to reach the cells; therefore, hair growth cannot be stimulated. A lack of vitamin B12 can also impact hair growth, but you can pick up supplements for this from retailers such as Holland & Barrett.
    • Hormonal Imbalance – From acne to weight gain, there are a whole host of issues that come alongside hormonal balance, and this includes hair thinning. Floliving has put together a super helpful article on everything you need to know about the connection between hormones and hair loss.

    More information on the most common causes of hair loss in women can be found on Healthline.

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    How To Stop Hair Thinning

    Although hair loss is not always in your hands, there may be things you do or don’t do in day-to-day life that affect hair growth; luckily, there are several lifestyle changes you can try to stop your hair from thinning! These include:

    • Increasing Protein Intake: Protein builds tissue cells, which is a vital helper in increasing hair, skin and nail growth and strength! Therefore, if you do not have enough protein in your diet, your body may lack what it needs to strengthen and grow the cells you need for hair growth. This may affect vegans or vegetarians more as your diet does not include as much protein; however, protein can be found in not only meat but also in beans, eggs, legumes or greek yoghurt!
    • Vitamin Deficiency: Certain vitamins and minerals such as A, B, C, D, E, zinc and iron all have been found to affect hair growth, so a lack of them may be what is causing your hair to be thin. You can find out if you lack a specific vitamin by taking a blood test. Vitamins and minerals are easy to access; you can find trustworthy and healthy ones online or at your local drugstore! Vogue has a helpful article on the best recommended hair growth vitamins!
    • Wear A Hat In The Sun: Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays has been found to be a cause of hair thinning and damage; it causes your hair to lose protein and ultimately weakens it. If you’re going out in the sun for long periods, apply sun cream to your scalp and wear a hat to prevent sunburn!

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    Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    While in the past, those experiencing hair losses were somewhat limited in terms of solutions, this is no longer the case. Gone are the days when you have to deal with uncomfortable, badly-fitted wigs or opt for the surgical route with a hair transplant, as there are several fantastic ways to replicate the appearance of your natural locks.

    Here at Lacy Locks, we have specialised in hair extensions in Milton Keynes for many years, which means that we have seen the evolution of hair loss solutions and extension techniques designed for thinner hair. Based on the condition of your natural hair and the extent of your hair thinning, our team will advise one of these best hair extensions for fine hair:

    Tape In Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    If your natural hair is thin or brittle down to damage, tape hair extensions could be your best route. Tape extensions remain one of the kindest types as their application method includes no tight braiding of your natural locks or using chemicals and heated tools. They are also designed to be extra lightweight, which means that they will not pull on the roots, allowing your natural hair to grow underneath the extensions. All that will happen is that the extensions will move down as the natural hair grows before being repositioned to the root during maintenance appointments.

    When fitting tape hair extensions, the method is super straightforward, which means that an entire hair of extensions can be fitted in an hour, two and a half hours at most. Each weft used is equipped with thin, almost invisible tape, which is then secured directly to the root of your hair in small sections. If your hair is healthy enough to handle the extra wefts without damage, then “sandwich-like” formation can be used, which involves two wefts with a section of your natural locks in the middle. For those with weaker hair, on the other hand, just one weft will be placed on each section.

    Once your tape extensions have been fitted, you will be free to treat them just as you would your natural hair. The flexibility and transparency of the tape mean that they will not be visible through your hair, which is ideal if your hair is thin and fine. This also means that you can put your hair up without having to worry about trying to hide bonds.

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    This type of hair extension couldn’t be more discrete! Nano rings are almost up to 90% smaller than micro rings, which means they are about the size of the ball on a ballpoint pen. This makes them a perfect solution for adding length and volume to thin hair.

    The specialists at our hair salon in Milton Keynes will carefully use their advanced tools to slip the individual rings onto your natural hair and then insert the nano ring extension strand; this is then clamped down firmly and securely so that it is flat against your hair.

    Not only do nano rings not require harsher techniques such as glue, heat or braiding, but they are also undetectable no matter your hair type. They are placed higher towards the scalp, ensuring they are hidden and creating the illusion of a natural head of full, luscious locks!

    The initial appointment can take two to four hours because the rings are fitted individually. Still, with regular maintenance appointments and healthy products we recommend, your natural hair will continue to grow underneath your extensions!

    Pre-Bonded Hair Extension For Thin Hair

    This solution is one of the most traditional and popular techniques, as it is suitable for all hair types! Pre-bonded hair extensions are tipped with keratin bonds, a natural protein that is a great promoter of hair growth; these are then attached to small strands of your natural hair. Advanced heat connectors adhere these together; however, this is still an extremely safe and non-damaging hair extension.

    These require less maintenance than other hair extensions and are also easy to remove, so they are ideal for people with busy schedules who do not have the time for a lengthy or frequent maintenance schedule!

    If you are interested in any of these types of hair extensions in Milton Keynes, then please do not hesitate to contact the team at Lacy Locks. We’ll be more than happy to book you in for a consultation where we can walk through your requirements.

    Fitting Tape Extensions

    Best Hair Extensions For Alopecia

    Alopecia occurs when your immune system attacks hair follicles, leading to hair loss; it can be highly damaging to confidence and body image. Our experts understand the struggles it may cause, which means that helping you bounce back with newfound confidence is at the top of their to-do list!

    There are multiple healthy hair extensions suitable for those suffering from not only alopecia but also a hereditary disease, or if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, these include:

    Hair Loss Integration System

    For those who are suffering from complete hair loss as a result of, for example, chemotherapy or alopecia, a mesh integration system would be ideal. Mesh integration systems provide a custom-made alternative to wigs, designed for individuals with too brittle or too little hair to fit extensions. The systems are made using a flexible, breathable mesh created to mimic the appearance of your scalp and feature colour-matched human hair. Due to the nature of the mesh and hair used, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to spot that the system was not your natural locks. The ultra-fine mesh will be invisible to the naked eye, even around your hairline and at your parting. Moreover, much like extensions, they can also be washed, dried and styled as you would do your natural hair.

    Crown Volumiser

    Another solution to combat the appearance of hair thinning is a crown volumiser, which is particularly beneficial for those who are only experiencing loss at the top and around the front of their hair. This definitely doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a full head of luscious locks. Crown volumisers are made up of 100% human hair and are secured with discrete micro-links placed strategically on the head to create the illusion of naturally thicker hair around the frontal areas. Not only can a crown volumiser be fitted on its own, but also, along with hair extensions, should you also wish to add extra length to your locks. Again, the crown volumiser is secured to the scalp long-term, with regular maintenance appointments every four to six weeks required to retain results.

    If you want to try any of these hair extensions in Milton Keynes, contact us for a consultation!

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    Looking After Your Hair With Extensions In

    Regardless of the condition of your hair, ensuring that you take extra care while having extensions fitted is imperative. However, this is even more important when your hair is naturally weaker, as you want to prevent hair loss and enjoy a full head of thick, voluminous locks. With this in mind, we have put together some last few tips on how to get healthier hair to ensure that your natural hair remains as healthy as possible while having extensions or a system fitted.

    Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

    First and foremost, we cannot stress the importance of booking regular maintenance appointments enough. Always ensure that you keep up to date with your maintenance appointments, which are often every six to eight weeks depending on the type of extensions you have fitted. Most of our clients who opt for hair extensions schedule their next visit during their maintenance appointment to ensure they never forget to book in. During each appointment, your extensions will be repositioned back to the root, which prevents the matting and tangling of your natural locks. This helps keep your hair and scalp healthy and your extensions in immaculate condition.

    Use Products With The Right Ingredients

    During your initial fitting appointment, whether this may be for extensions or a hair loss system, you will be advised on the best products to use to keep both your natural locks and wefts healthy. However, it is vital to familiarise yourself with the different ingredients that you may find in hair care products, along with those that are beneficial and those to avoid.

    Products that involve hydrating ingredients are ideal as this helps to moisturise your scalp while providing your hair with all the essential nutrients to promote healthy growth. Shampoos with, for example, argan oil, coconut milk and shea are all fantastic examples. Conditioner and conditioning oils can also be used on extensions; however, we strongly recommend avoiding putting these products on the roots as it could cause your bonds or tape to slide.

    Now that we have covered the good, it’s onto the bad. Regardless of whether you have extensions, always opt for products free from sulphates and alcohol. These ingredients strip your hair and scalp from its natural oils, making matting and tangling of your extensions more likely, which can be incredibly damaging to thinner hair.

    Take a look at Nutrafol for more information on harmful ingredients to avoid.

    Always Brush With Care

    Another vital tip to ensure that your locks remain healthy with extensions is always brush with extra care. Those with naturally thin, fine hair or individuals suffering from trigger-related hair loss cannot afford to put any stress on their roots, which means that you do not want to cause tension while brushing. Your hair will inevitably become tangled, especially after washing, but always be patient and take time to brush through your extensions carefully from the bottom to the top.

    Look at Bustle for the top five brushes for more delicate hair if you’re stuck for inspiration on the best brushes.

    Never Sleep With Wet Hair

    When caring for your extensions, you must never sleep with wet hair. While you may be able to leave your natural hair to dry overnight, this is most definitely not the case when it comes to extensions. As you move in your sleep, the wet extensions will become tangled and matted more than ever, making them super tricky to brush out without causing any tension on your scalp. This will also put pressure on the bonds or tape, meaning that you may find that your extensions will become loose or fall out altogether.

    Maintenance For Hair

    Hair Extensions For Thin Hair Before And After

    Our specialists in hair extensions in Milton Keynes have years of experience transforming our client’s locks. We have put together just a few examples of how extensions or integration systems can achieve the thick, voluminous look you have in mind.

    From Thin & Fine To Thick & Voluminous

    With the various solutions available, it couldn’t be easier to transform your locks from thin and fine to thick and voluminous. While having thinner and more delicate hair does mean that you must take extra care, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the hair of your dreams.

    If interested in any of the services mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact Lacy Locks professional hairdresser in Milton Keynes. We can get you booked for a consultation to pop into the salon and discuss your requirements with one of our experienced extensionists. Your dream hair is just a phone call away!

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