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If you adore all things vintage, then you’ll be pleased to know that this year’s hair trends are all about those iconic ’70s styles. From Billie Eilish wowing us with her super cool classic blonde shag to Miley Cyrus rocking the mullet, the much-loved ’70s styles are most definitely making a comeback – and we’re here for it! So if you’re looking for a complete style overhaul, we’ve put together just some of our favourite looks for some major throwback inspo.

This Summer Is All About ’70s Hairstyles & We Love It!

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the love for nostalgic hairstyles, throwing it back to the 90s and early 2000s, inspired by stars from J.Lo to Friends’ Rachel Green. But this summer, we’re stepping back further and going even bolder!

At our hair salon in Milton Keynes, we’re all about experimenting with something a little different and what better way to make that happen than through channelling the decade of the disco! So let’s take a closer look at our favourites:

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    Cher Hair

    As an icon of the ’70s, it would only be fair to start our hairstyle lowdown with the one and only Cher. With a super sleek, glossy look, this is by far one of the most effortless looks to replicate and even better, it’s the perfect style for every occasion.

    The key to the Cher hair is a combination of a blunt cut and nourished healthy locks (we’ve got to admit, no one does this better than Kim K). If your hair is lacking that super natural shine, then all it will take is a little extra TLC. When you finish washing your hair, be sure to rinse your locks with cold water to lock in the goodness of your conditioner, then add a little hair oil before drying. Then all that’s left is to separate your hair into a middle parting and grab those straighteners.

    Curtain Bangs

    Another super cute ’70s-inspired style is curtain bangs, perfect for framing the face and adding a little drama. The beauty of this look is that the wispy cut can be pulled off by anyone, whether you have short or long, straight or curly hair – what more could you ask for? And, it’s completely your choice whether you cut in the bangs but leave the rest of your locks one length or go for a more texturised look. We recommend using a small spritz of salt spray when styling to achieve that effortlessly beach babe look.

    The Shag

    For the ultimate “cool girl” look, it’s got to be the 70’s shag hairstyle. With lots of layering and texture to the hair, this is ideal for updating your entire style without the need for constant maintenance. And again, as a versatile look, it couldn’t be easier to tailor the shag style to your natural hair, whether you want to go for the chop or keep it long. It’s also a fabulous option for those with finer hair, as the added dimensions can create the illusion of thicker locks. Take a look at The Trend Spotter for more inspiration!

    Farrah Fawcett Flicks

    When you think of the ’70s, we can be almost certain that Charlie’s Angels will come to mind, so of course, the iconic Farrah Fawcett had to be featured in our list. Known for her beautifully big and bouncy locks, Farrah Fawcett was blessed with the hair of dreams, so it’s no surprise that her flicks and curtain fringe have come back into fashion!

    The secret to this fabulous hairstyle is a good pair of curling tongs and a boar-bristle brush to smooth out the curls. But, if hair styling isn’t your thing, why not visit our blow dry bar in Milton Keynes? For those wanting thicker locks to replicate this style, we’d also be more than happy to book you in for a hair extension consultation during your visit!

    Fluffy ‘Fro

    With the past years’ lockdown meaning that visiting the salon has been a no-go, it’s become the time of embracing your gorgeously natural hair. And if you have been blessed with super curly or afro hair, then you’ll be pleased to know that the fluffy, natural look is bang on-trend. The ’70s were all about letting your hair do its thing, so the textured, extra dramatic ‘fro was one of the most sought-after styles. When recreating this style, don’t forget to add plenty of moisture to the hair to intensify your curls and keep them super soft, just in time for the summer!

    The Mullet

    It wouldn’t be a guide to ’70s hairstyles without mentioning the mullet. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that this instantly recognisable look is back in fashion, and we think it might even be for good!

    But you’ll be pleased to know that the modern-day mullet is a little less dramatic, and it doesn’t mean cropping your hair super short. It’s all about framing the face and adding short layers to the top of the head while keeping the back longer. You can glam it up with a sleek and more elegant style or keep it edgy with plenty of texture – the choice is all yours!

    Ready To Go Bold With The ’70s Look?

    Whether you’re ready for a complete rebrand of your look or looking for a subtle update, we’ve got you covered! Why not book a consultation with our hairdressers in Milton Keynes to discuss your chosen style and how it can be perfectly tailored to you? We’d be more than happy to guide you in the right direction and let you know whether you’d benefit from a few added extensions. Get in touch today to book your appointment!

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