Your hair can significantly impact your confidence, whether you like it short and bouncy or long and luscious. When your hair begins to thin, or regrowth has slowed down, it can drastically knock your confidence and affect how you look and feel about your appearance. Not only is this frustrating as patches of your hair seem thicker than others, but it can also make it hard for you to achieve your desired hairstyle and updos. If you are wondering ‘what is the best female hair loss treatment?’, hair integration systems may be the perfect solution for you. These systems make it exceptionally easy to achieve thick and luscious hair without pulling or damaging your existing hair.

Hair integration systems are a great way of creating the same effect as hair extensions for those with extremely fine, fragile and patchy hair. The mesh integration system is the best female hair loss treatment for those suffering from hair loss or thinning, making it a go-to for helping to bring back your confidence.

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    The Best Female Hair Loss Treatment: All You Need To Know

    As specialists in hair loss solutions in Milton Keynes, and having spent many years perfecting techniques, the Lacy Locks team can provide you with the hair you have always dreamt of, even if you think it’s almost impossible to achieve. The great thing about mesh integration systems is that they can be applied to even the finest of hair, meaning that your perfect locks are just a phone call away.

    Thick Mesh Integration SuccessSuccess StoryMesh Integration System Transformation

    What Causes Hair Loss In Women?

    Women may experience hair loss when suffering from conditions such as alopecia and thyroid disease, or in some cases, it may be heredity. Temporary hair loss can even be caused by stress, depression or the menopause. All of these causes of hair loss in women can result in diminished confidence, self-esteem and sense of identity. This is why it’s so important that, should you find yourself being negatively impacted by your hair loss, you are aware of the options that are available to help you regain your confidence.

    Best Hair Loss Treatment For Females

    Our professionals at our hair salon in Milton Keynes can confidently say that mesh integration systems are undoubtedly the best hair loss treatment for women. These systems have been specifically designed for those with little or weak hair that is too fragile for hair extensions. While lightweight micro and nano ring extensions will not affect most clients, for those with delicate, thinning hair, extensions will pull on the strands, potentially pulling them out.

    However, thanks to mesh integration systems, this does not mean that you are unable to achieve the look and style that you’ve seen your favourite celebrities rocking on the red carpet.

    What Is A Mesh Integration System?

    Our mesh integration is the perfect option for those that have bald patches due to hair loss or extremely fine hair. These systems act like an advanced and longer-lasting solution to a wig, providing you with flawless results by using a breathable mesh. This means that the material is lightweight and comfortable to wear without feeling heavy or tight to the head. Not only this, but the hair can be cut to your desired length, and you can continue to wash and style your hair as normal.

    To first apply the system to your hair, the mesh is cut and shaped bespoke to you, ensuring that it fits perfectly and that the mesh is not visible to the eye once the hair has been applied. The mesh is fitted directly above the scalp for a seamless finish, and the hair is then woven into it. The mesh integration system will remain temporarily attached for around two months, and all you will need to do is book in for maintenance appointments thereafter.

    What Is A Crown Volumiser?

    One form of mesh integration system is a crown volumiser, whereby this method is incorporated into your crown to create the illusion of thicker hair. This makes this solution ideal for those with hair loss in the crown and frontal areas only. The system will give the illusion of thicker and fuller hair on the top part of the head, giving you those seamless results you have always dreamt of. The hair used within the system can also be perfectly matched to your natural locks to ensure that the system is completely invisible to the naked eye.

    Crown VolumiserSuccess StoryMesh Integration System Crown Transformation

    The Benefits Of Hair Loss Integration Systems

    Other than the fact it provides you with the confidence you have always dreamt of, there is also an abundance of other benefits you can take full advantage of when having a mesh integration system. Once a solution is incorporated into your scalp, you’ll wonder why you never had the treatment before. From long-lasting results to easy maintenance, there are many reasons why you will enjoy your new luscious locks.

    Made For You

    As mentioned previously, our hair loss solutions in Luton are designed with you in mind. This means that the mesh comes in one size, which the team will then perfectly mould around your scalp to form a seamless finish. Your desired look will first be discussed in an initial consultation with our team, who will talk you through expectations and outcomes. What you wish to get out of your hair loss treatment will determine how the team finish your hairstyle.

    Once the hair has been applied, you are then free to cut and colour the hair how you wish. You can choose to match the hair colour to your existing locks, or you can try something new and go for a bold shade. Whatever you choose, the Lacy Locks team are able to achieve this within the same appointment so that you can enjoy your new head of hair from the moment you walk out of the salon. The Right Hairstyles has a selection of stunning subtle and extravagant hair colours for you to give a go.

    Before And After Mesh

    Looks Like A Natural Scalp

    One of the most common questions our clients ask is whether the hair loss solution is visible and if people will be able to notice the mesh or that the hair is not their own. Firstly, unlike many wigs and cheap clip-in hair extensions found online, all hair used by Lacy Locks is 100% human hair, which allows us to mimic your natural locks to give the illusion that the hair is your own.

    Secondly, the mesh is perfectly colour matched to your skin tone, so it is incredibly hard to tell the system is in your hair. Not only this, but the Lacy Locks team have years of experience in providing this treatment, so they can seamlessly integrate the solution into your hair to give it a natural appearance. The hair and mesh will create a scalp, so every part of the system looks as though it is your natural hairline and hair.

    Results Of Mesh

    Wash & Style Like Normal

    After having your mesh integration system applied, you will need to leave your hair for three days before washing. However, after this, you are able to wash and style your hair as you would your natural locks, which means that you can use shampoo, conditioner, oils and heat protectors. As the hair will be 100% human, it means that you must take care of the system as you would your natural hair, ensuring that you protect it from heat styling and use products that nourish and shield the hair.

    At our hair salon in Milton Keynes, we always advise our clients on specific products to use for their extensions, such as shampoos specifically designed for hair extensions and mesh integration systems, which you can find on Regal Envy.

    Additional haircare advice that we would give you to keep your solution looking pristine includes:

    • Perfect a washing technique: While the hair itself is strong, it is important to make sure that you gently massage shampoo into the hair, as you want to make sure you do not pull on the mesh system. You can find a thorough guide on how to look after and wash hair extensions, which will include mesh integration systems, in our previous article.
    • Always use heat protector: This goes for your natural hair as well! Whenever you plan on styling with heated tools, whether that’s a hairdryer or curler, you must always apply a heat protector to keep the hair in tip-top condition.
    • Use the right oil: As soon as the hair has been attached, you should make sure that you regularly apply hair oil to keep it well-nourished. You can find the best types of oils for your hair based on whether it is damaged, coloured or simply to keep it shiny over on La Tourangelle.
    • Brush with care: It is always important to brush the hair to make sure that it does not tangle, as this will make it hard during maintenance visits. You will also need to make sure that you use the right brush so that it does not pull on the hair. A tangle teaser is the best option as the bristles are flexible, meaning that if they get caught on a knot, it will not pull, and therefore, won’t damage the integration system.

    How Long Does Mesh Integration Last?

    Unlike a wig that is likely to lose its shape after a few wears, mesh integration systems are long-lasting. The system and the hair can last up to 12 months depending on how well you care for it using the advice above and tips given to you by our experts at our hair salon in Milton Keynes. Much like you would book in for a haircut every 6-8 weeks, you will need to book in for maintenance appointments to ensure that your system is well kept and maintained. By doing this, you can ensure that your system will last for a whole year, and you can enjoy its full effects over and over again.

    Does Mesh Integration Damage Hair?

    Underneath our mesh integration system, we prioritise the health of your natural hair. The system is designed to evenly distribute pressure across your head, preventing any strain on your hair follicles that could lead to damage. You may notice some shedding in the first 6 to 9 weeks; however, this process is natural. The shedding is merely the release of old, dead hair retained beneath the system. However, the hair has nowhere to go until we release the connections for it to be released. Your hair and scalp remain healthy and pristine under the system as long as you follow all the crucial aftercare instructions and ensure you attend the regular maintenance appointments that our team will book un for you; our care approach is designed to keep your natural hair and scalp in optimal condition throughout your experience with our system.

    Full Hair Refresh

    How To Reduce Hair Loss In Females

    Many of our clients like to have a hair loss system integrated while they grow their natural locks. This is also a common reason for our clients to have hair extensions. Luckily, there are numerous hair growth products for women that can help you to grow your hair and prevent further hair loss while the system is in place. Some tips on how to prevent hair loss in women include:

    Avoid restrictive diets

    Restrictive diets can limit your intake of essential nutrients which are vital for hair health. It is very important to ensure that you are eating enough calories each day and that you try to include a wide variety of foods in your diet to maximise the amount of nutrients that you are consuming.

    Take vitamins

    If you find that you cannot get enough of certain nutrients from your diet alone, you should consider taking supplements to ensure that your needs are being met. Deficiencies in vitamins C, D, E, and omega-3, as well as minerals zinc and iron, can result in weakened hair that may fall out. Before you start taking any dietary supplement, it is imperative that you discuss this with your doctor, as consuming too many vitamins and minerals can also be detrimental to your health.

    Avoid colouring the hair

    Bleach, hair dye and other harsh chemicals can weaken your hair, causing it to thin and potentially even fall out. In order to preserve the health of your hair, you may want to avoid bleaching or dyeing your hair completely, or at least keep it to a minimum. You should also use nourishing products, such as hair masks, between dyeing sessions.

    Try caffeine hair products

    Surprisingly, the same substance that wakes us up in the morning is known to promote hair growth: caffeine hair products stimulate hair growth from the follicle by targeting DHT, a hormone which triggers hair loss by interfering with the vitamins, proteins and minerals that help your hair to grow.

    Build Your Confidence With Revitalised Hair

    No matter how much you style your hair or try something new, if you don’t feel happy or confident with your look, then it may be time to speak to our team. Whether you are looking for a new set of hair extensions to add some length to those locks or require hair loss solutions in Milton Keynes, our team are always here to help. Our aim is to have you looking and feeling your best, and we will always work with you to create a bespoke look that you love. This is why our systems and hair extensions are customised with you, by you, ensuring that the colour and cut are perfect while providing you with the length and volume you have always dreamed of. If you would like to give our mesh integration systems a go, then please feel free to speak with our team and book in a consultation to discuss how the solution works and transform those locks!

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